Carol Goldsmith offers in-person and virtual trainings for groups, teams, and experienced coaches who want to expand their knowledge and skills. Areas of expertise include Action Learning, coaching with NLP, leadership development, coaching skills for managers, and advanced tools for credentialed coaches.

Training programs are offered through The Elevar Group. Visit for current offerings. For customized programs, contact Carol to discuss your specific interests and needs.

Topics include:

Leadership & Management

  • Ask, Don’t Tell: Coaching skills for managers
  • Discovering your authentic leadership style
  • The Intelligent Outcome: a new model for setting smarter goals
  • Increase your employees’ Return on Experience (ROX)

Personal & Professional Development

  • Discovering your  purpose
  • Overcoming fear of failure
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Effective communications
  • Change bad habits for good


  • NLP for coaches
  • Coaching skills for counselors
  • The Return on Experience (ROX)™ model
  • The Intelligent Outcome™ model
  • Coaching practicums & intensives